Upcoming conferences, and a brief update

I’ve not updated this blog for a while, as my time is being poured into school work, grant applications and various projects (The DC Mic Check, the Free School–an exciting project, so more to come on that). However, I sorely miss journalistic writing since stepping back from a few publications (see drop down menu above), so I plan to start publishing more on here and for a broader audience. So, watch this space.

As of now, I’m preparing to give papers at two conferences:

Title: “God Loves You and It Gets Better!” Ideology, deixis and agency in an anti-homophobic bullying viral campaign
Conference: Lavender Languages, American University, Washington DC, 15-17 February.

Title: “Why Does This Happen?” Mash-ups, militarism and anthropology
Conference: Society for Anthropology of North America (SANA), Uncertain Futures, Durham, N. Carolina, 14-16 March.

I may well publish the papers online, depending on what my supervisors believe is wise, but will certainly feedback on them here.

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