Selected bylines

October 2020. “Ten years on from Jimmy Mubenga’s death, we still haven’t learned lessons from privatising immigration” the i

April 2020. “Busy parks and public blame” Red Pepper

October 2019. “Notes on a postcard” Allegra Lab

July 2019. “Rewriting history: museums and ‘neutrality'” Red Pepper

August 2017. “On White Nationalists and ‘Real Men'”Teen Vogue

June 2017. “Ten Myths About #NoJusticeNoPride” Rewire

November 2016. “America in Fragments (Or, Why Trump?) Australian Options [reposted here]

Editorial roles

2011-present: Red Pepper. Editorial Collective member and columnist.
A UK magazine of the non-partisan, green, feminist left, established in 1995. I have written over 40 articles for Red Pepper since 2008, joining the editorial team in 2011 and becoming a regular columnist in 2018. See here for a full list of articles

2011-2012: DC Mic Check (formerly The Occupied Washington Times)Editorial Team. Newspaper/ website of Occupy DC. Last published in 2013; developed into the DC Media Group. Volunteer-run, donation-funded. Also provided journalism trainings free of charge to DC citizen journalists.

2008-2010: Manchester MULE. Editorial Collective/ Culture Editor. Anti-capitalist and alternative local newspaper and website covering Manchester, UK. Volunteer-run, donation-funded. Also provided citizen journalism trainings. Publication ceased in December 2015, relaunched as The Meteor in 2017.

2005-2008: Student Direct. Film Editor (2006-2008). Largest UK student newspaper. (Relaunched as The Mancunion in 2010).