Publication: Teen Vogue

My latest journalistic article, published in Teen Vogue. While a different audience than I'm used to writing for, I'm quite heartened that there's an appetite for feminist discourse analysis in a publication targeted at young women. The editing process was also different from usual. I would not have made the same headlining/ standfirst choices, so it … Continue reading Publication: Teen Vogue

On migrants drowning on European shores

1,500 The word "genuine" proliferates In comments threads and candidates' speeches As 1,500 are lost at sea (A conservative estimate) (The highest on record) And we ask: How authentic is your desperation? Ignoring the calculation of risk That precedes stepping onto a precarious float Already overburdened Teetering on the edge of submersion How authentic is … Continue reading On migrants drowning on European shores

Immigration reform without a politics of pity

A few quick thoughts on demanding immigration reform, without a politics of pity: Reading a lot of Op Eds this week calling for Executive Action on Immigration Reform. Some are written by people directly affected by deportations, others are by organization leaders/ advocates, but featuring example stories of those similarly impacted. While it's extremely important … Continue reading Immigration reform without a politics of pity

Article on the UK Marriage (Same-Sex) Act 2013

My latest article for Red Pepper, "Married Strife" written in response to the UK government passing the "Marriage (Same-Sex Couples) Act 2013" back in July. It would have been better published immediately after, but that's the beauty/frustration of print magazine journalism. In many ways, this debate is regarded as old news. Critiques of state-endorsed marriage … Continue reading Article on the UK Marriage (Same-Sex) Act 2013