Article published in Journal of Language & Sexuality

Happy to announce that my article: "'God loves you and It Gets Better': Ideology, deixis and agency in an anti-homophobic bullying viral campaign" has been published in the Journal of Language and Sexuality 3:2. Here's the abstract... "The ‘It Gets Better Project’ (IGBP) is an online anti-homophobic bullying initiative directed at lesbian, gay, bisexual and … Continue reading Article published in Journal of Language & Sexuality

Occupy DC multi-media coverage

I've been involved in Occupy DC since October. It's the Washington-based branch of the Occupy movement that sprung up in the US following the September rallies in Wall St. New York... I'm sure you'll have heard about it! I've joined the Editorial Board for our independent newspaper there, The Occupied Washington Times, and wrote an … Continue reading Occupy DC multi-media coverage