Academic Service

In addition to community engagement activities, I have also taken on the following academic service roles:

Contributing Editor, Cultural Anthropology “AnthroPod” Series. 2016—present.

Curriculum Committee, Anthropology Department, American University. 2016.

Peer-Reviewer, Journal of Language and Sexuality. 2014—2016.

Organizing Committee, NGO Studies Conference, University of Denver. 2014—2015.

Pre-screener/Reviewer, Society for Visual Anthropology (AAA). 2011—2013.

Coordinator, Public Anthropology Conference, American University. 2011—2012.

Researcher, University of London, Queen Mary’s. Project: Screening Exclusion: Brazilian and Argentine Documentary Film-Making. 2004-2005; 2013.

Margaret Mead Festival Intern, American Museum of Natural History, New York. 2008.