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  • My PhD research, in which I asked: How do NGOs shape popular and political understandings of LGBT asylum seekers in the United States? Concurrently, how do their activities impact the lives of the individuals they support?
  • My MA research, in which I worked with members of Women Asylum Seekers Together to explore how UK asylum policy creates a sense of stasis for claimants that is overcome, to some extent, through grassroots organizing and mutual support.
  • My résumé

General areas of specialization:

  • Gender and sexuality
  • Migration, in particular the asylum process, and mobility
  • State power, border control and militarism
  • Nonprofits, NGOs, FBOs and grassroots organizing
  • Visual and sensorial methodologies
  • Critical discourse analysis

Geographical focus:

  • The United States
  • Western Europe, particularly the United Kingdom
  • Latin America

See the blog posts on the home page for more information about my current activities.