Other Projects

In 2009-2011, I worked under the company name OtherThan Media on a number of projects, employing collaborators in many cases. I have also worked as a Workshop facilitator and consultant for a number of years.

Workshop Facilitation

My background is in theatre arts with an emphasis of participatory and forum theatre. I have facilitated theatre workshops in Kenya, Brazil and the UK, including a semester-long course at The University of Nottingham. I try to integrate these educational/ emancipatory theatre techniques in the film workshops that I lead.

I have also led workshops on journalism and film through MULE Media, in Manchester, which aims to provide skills training to the community free of charge. In Washington D.C. I have run a number of stand-alone workshops and short courses on media literacy, reporting and investigative journalism.

I have run participatory filmmaking workshops for Community Arts Northwest, Queer Up North International Arts Festival and Women Asylum Seekers Together.

Consultancy and Production for Groups and Organisations

I have worked often in collaboration with people and groups that hold similar values and complimentary skills to my own. I intended OtherThan Media to provide services for social justice groups that might otherwise find film projects beyond their budgets or means, working closely with partners to find the best solutions for their needs, and often contributing at all stages of production from research and grant application through production, post-production and distribution.