Publication: Teen Vogue

My latest journalistic article, published in Teen Vogue. While a different audience than I'm used to writing for, I'm quite heartened that there's an appetite for feminist discourse analysis in a publication targeted at young women. The editing process was also different from usual. I would not have made the same headlining/ standfirst choices, so it … Continue reading Publication: Teen Vogue

“Why Trump” republished in Australian magazine

My analysis of the 2016 U.S. presidential election outcome, first posted on this blog, has been republished by the antipodean magazine of leftist discussion, Australian Options. If you want to read it (again, and now with illustrations!) you can download the pdf here. Side note: I gave my first academic paper at a 2008 conference, held in Manchester, … Continue reading “Why Trump” republished in Australian magazine

Commentary on limits of academic protest published in Savage Minds

Originally published at the anthropology blog, Savage Minds, responding to their call for short commentaries on "anthropology in the Trump era". In late January, President Trump signed three Executive Orders concerning immigration. The “Muslim Ban” galvanized attention, from protests and Op-Eds to legislative action. Given the patently unconstitutional practices sanctioned by that Order, the maneuvers promised by the … Continue reading Commentary on limits of academic protest published in Savage Minds

Film Review: “Pride”

Now available online: a short review of the recent UK hit film, Pride, which was originally published a few months ago in Red Pepper magazine. I note that, despite some critics' discomfort with Pride's feel-good tone, the filmmakers successfully make a few salient political points. It offers lessons on solidarity-building beyond identity-based justice organising, and an … Continue reading Film Review: “Pride”