AAA 2017 CFP: “Protest Matters”

Excited to be organizing a session and interactive installation for the American Anthropological Association annual meetings, held in Washington D.C. this year. We received an impressive set of papers, and still open to volunteers to help set up and run the installation. Panel CFP: "Protest Matters: The Objects, Art, and Affect of Resistance" Placards. Whistles. … Continue reading AAA 2017 CFP: “Protest Matters”

MA Thesis Film Available Online

I completed my MA Visual Anthropology documentary in late 2009, but didn't make it widely available, at the request of the primary research participants. Now, five years later, the protagonists have all moved on with their lives to a place at which they feel able to share this film. We hope that you find it insightful, and informative. Thanks to the women of … Continue reading MA Thesis Film Available Online

Immigration reform without a politics of pity

A few quick thoughts on demanding immigration reform, without a politics of pity: Reading a lot of Op Eds this week calling for Executive Action on Immigration Reform. Some are written by people directly affected by deportations, others are by organization leaders/ advocates, but featuring example stories of those similarly impacted. While it's extremely important … Continue reading Immigration reform without a politics of pity