Column: Rewriting history – museums and ‘neutrality’

In May 2018, the director of the Victoria & Albert Museum, Tristram Hunt, announced: ‘I see the role of the museum not as a political force but as a civic exchange.’ For good measure, he added that he ‘was not so sure’ that museums ‘have a duty to be vehicles for social justice’. His naïve-at-best opinion … Continue reading Column: Rewriting history – museums and ‘neutrality’

Column: Beyond blockbusters

Issue 223 of Red Pepper, focuses on new union-led battles and strategies in and beyond the UK. The culture section looks at political approaches to cinema, from the black liberation tradition of Sorry to Bother You to the rebel history of Peterloo, and a visit to Newcastle's community-run cinema, The Star & Shadow. This column introduced the … Continue reading Column: Beyond blockbusters