Column: This machine kills fascists

Music has always been a powerful political tool. While anti-war, anti-capitalist, and anti-fascist lyrics are perhaps most readily associated with folk (as the borrowed titles on this page suggest), they are equally potent in punk, hip-hop, trova, reggae—any genre, band, or song has the potential to promote social justice. Musicians’ actions —together with those of … Continue reading Column: This machine kills fascists

Column: Rewriting history – museums and ‘neutrality’

In May 2018, the director of the Victoria & Albert Museum, Tristram Hunt, announced: ‘I see the role of the museum not as a political force but as a civic exchange.’ For good measure, he added that he ‘was not so sure’ that museums ‘have a duty to be vehicles for social justice’. His naïve-at-best opinion … Continue reading Column: Rewriting history – museums and ‘neutrality’