Part of a special issue on Creative Community Activism in Global Contexts in the journal Studies on Home and Community Science, this peer-reviewed article explores how we’re experimenting in producing and exchanging postcards in the GlobalGRACE project as part of our ongoing attempts to subvert traditional anthropological and colonial perspectives. I argue that critical reflection on the tensions and challenges that arise from transnational collaborative experiments are both productive and necessary in informing further and new decolonising engagements with a seemingly mundane object that has played an essential role in historical colonial projects.

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Informed by my work with Nirmal Puwar and Suzanne Clisby, I’m proud to be in great company in this issue, and to be publishing in a journal housed outside of the global north, which feels particularly important given the content of my article.

Full citation: McGuirk, Siobhan (2020) “Rewriting Postcards: Experiments in Collaborative Transnational Curation” Studies on Home and Community Science, 14(1-2): 19-33. DOI: 10.31901/24566780.2020/14.1-2.345